Igor Vasiliev - Distant Journey

Developer Igor Vasiliev posted this epic jam using his FieldScaper and SoundScaper apps, with a bunch of hardware including a Roland RE-201 Space Echo! There's even a detailed write-up on the setup at his blog.

Video Description:

More about this setup - http://motion-soundscape.blogspot.com...

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Buy SoundScaper on iTunes: $9.99

jakoB haQ - Kazuhito's Way

Jakob Haq just posted this short and sweet Korg Gadget jam; using London, Miama, Kamata, and Phoenix!

Video Description:

This short performance is named after Kazuhito Inoue, one of the makers of Gadget by KORG app. I'm using four types of gadgets namely London (drums), Miami (sub-bass), Kamata (pump-chord), Phoenix (dark mellow pad). For the side-chain compression I am using a muted London drum programmed with a bass drum. On top of it I am also free-fingering a melody on a Phoenix.

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Buy Korg Gadget on iTunes: $39.99

Focusrite Control

Focusrite have been good to iOS musicians with a variety of class-compliant interfaces for every budget. But if you use your Focusrite interface on a desktop things just got even better with the release of Focusrite Control! This Universal iOS app that lets you control these interfaces from your iOS device, by connecting to the desktop app over WIFI.

Focusrite Control iTunes Description:

Now you can control your monitor mixes and preamp settings wirelessly from wherever you want in your studio. Just install the free iOS App on your iPhone or iPad, make sure you're connected to the same network, and approve the iOS device in the desktop app. Then you'll have complete control of your hardware inputs, software playback, panning, solo and mute as well as the preamp settings on your interface - all from your iOS device!

  • Control output levels
  • Control software playback levels and panning
  • Control hardware input levels and panning
  • Control mute and dim
  • View input and output metering
  • Control preamp features available on your connected Focusrite interface
  • Approve devices for control

Buy Focusrite Control on iTunes: Free

KORG Volca Kick - Official Introduction Video

Korg announced the new Volca Kick over a month ago, and now we finally get an official demo video. The video is in English, and chief engineer Tatsuya Takahashi's English is excellent, but there are subtitles available if you need them.

Video Description:

Chief engineer Tatsuya Takahashi introduces the volca kick. More about volca kick at: http://www.korg.com/volca_kick/

deltAdata - Another day

YouTuber deltAdata takes us on a bouncy, and meandering, outdoor adventure with Samplr!

Video Description:

Outdoors Samplr and nanokontrol keytar jam.
Used: korg nanokontrol 2 as a keytar with sunrizer, samplr, ipad mini, audioshare, audiobus, shareit (video file tranfert between android and ios), isupr8 android filter 6 (8mm video effect), canon eos 760d+efs 17-55 f2.8 1080p, sony xperia z3 compact 1080p, bose soundlink mini.
Made with imovie ipad.

Filmed by "JLpictsArt's" (canon 760d)

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