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Review: BeatMaker 2 for iOS (Universal)

BeatMaker 2 is an elaborate studio with loads of effects and hundreds of samples. I ignore both of those facts completely as I go on a wild tear to put it through its paces. Included are tips on Hokusai and all kinds of sample chopping fun. Buy it now on iTunes!

For Jailbreak users that want to eliminate the factory samples (Like a Boss):
In Terminal (or SSH): rm -rf /var/mobile/Applications/B07D0261-A778-4737-8808-C389DD967F0F/BeatMaker2.app/lib­rary/Keyboard Sampler/ 

Do not expect any technical support from Intua or me! If something goes wrong just delete the App and reinstall from iTunes. Hell, you probably shouldn't even do this in the first place... but if you do remember to go to your iOS Settings - BeatMaker2 and tell it to update the database so it will only show your samples and none of the missing ones.