Update Roundup

There have been a couple of minor, but meaningful, updates to FM synth TF7 and Sugarbyte's Effectrix!

What's new in Effectrix v1.1.5:

  • Ableton Link Support

Buy Effectrix on iTunes: $17.99

What's new in TF7 v1.75:

We are continually updating and improving TF7 Synth!

Improved inter-app operability with the following apps:

  • Cubasis 2
  • AUM
  • Audiobus

Buy TF7 on iTunes: Freemium

Arturia DrumBrute Announced

Yesterday Arturia announced a feature-rich analog drum machine, with a surprisingly affordable price-tag! At "sub $500" the DrumBrute comes with support for polyrhythms and discrete audio outputs for individual parts; features you'd need to pay well over $1,000 for in machines like Elektron RYTM or DSI Tempest. They hardly teased this one, as it ships next month!

Update: Nick Batt got a highly detailed preview in the Sonic Lab.

Video Description:

Mauricio Garcia, Arturia Product Specialist, offers you a guided tour of DrumBrute, the first Arturia Analog Drum Synthesizer.

Discover the amazing features packed in this new Brute instrument.

Kickstarter: MOON Switcher

Norwegian pedal manufacturer Aalberg Audio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for MOON Switcher, a wireless Bluetooth device for controlling every part of your guitar chain; including the amplifier!

The scope of control options on this is pretty impressive. Whatever you hook it up to you can then control from a small wireless controller that fits on your guitar. There's also an iOS app that can act as a remote, as well as managing the whole setup.

The MOON Switcher is expected to ship in April 2017, and in the first few hours of the campaign has already grabbed 16% of their $31,147 goal. There are a whole bunch of different backing levels, but you can get the basic setup for $100 as part of an early bird special. Here's a promo video for the campaign.

HJ Rookie - Soul Travel

YouTuber HJ Rookie posted this awesome Space Trance jam with a variety of software and hardware!

Video Description:

My first live jam. Techno 4 on the floor based, with lots of rooms for long reverbs en nice synth sounds. Recorded live, no post audio editing... Let me know if you enjoyed it!

Gears used:
2x M-Audio Axiom 49 (both splitted into separate midi channels, 4 in total)
1x M-Audio Axiom 25
1x iPad + Dock + Moog Animoog
1x Foot pedal
Behringer BCR2000
NI Maschine

Bitwig Studio (just for routing, nothing pre- recorded)
U-he Ace
U-he Diva
Midi chord hold
Valhalla Vintage Verb

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

Buy Animoog for iPhone on iTunes: $5.99

Group the Loop Update

Group the Loop, a looper with built-in drum machine, has been updated with Ableton Link and other goodies!

What's new in Group the Loop v1.3:

  • Ableton Link.
  • Flexible tempo - Change session tempo anytime.
  • Pitch and time stretch tempo algorithms.
  • Inter-app audio connections to input stream.
  • New drop down clock settings view - Tap the clock status bar to quickly access tempo, time signature and Ableton Link settings.
  • AudioShare import now supports more audio formats. (Inc. wav, caf, m4a, mp3, aif).
  • Advanced audio export options. Choose file format, sample rate, bit depth and more.
  • “Open in” support. Import audio files directly from any other app with the “open in” option e.g AudioShare, Mail.
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes.

Buy Group the Loop on iTunes: $8.99

Developer Jack Marshall wrote in with this exceptionally well produced update demo.