Marmalade Machine for Ableton Live

shoveD developer Wul has released a new Lemur template for Ableton Live.

Marmalade Machine, compatible with both iOS and Android versions of Lemur, utilizes a newly released remote script. This includes support for new hardware. It is available for free when you purchase shoveD, by emailing Wul:

Marmalade Machine:

Introducing the Marmalade Machine a new Ableton Live controller for Lemur on IPad and Android. It utilises a newly released remote script. For some new released hardware. It's fully working and actually very good. It will be available free with ShoveD. Which also includes LPad pro, BaseD, ShoveD for Bitwig.

I encouraged Wul to put together a demo video for Marmalade Machine, and he obliged!

Brazilian Drum Machine Update

Luis Martinez's Brazilian Drum Machine has been updated with Ableton Link and more in this version 3.0 patch.

What's new in Brazilian Drum Machine v3.0:

  • Live Pads
  • Ableton Link
  • Jamming Improved
  • MIDI Controls
  • Tons of little improvements

Buy Brazilian Drum Machine on iTunes: $14.99

Stroke Machine Update

Long-time reader Verra wrote in to let me know about an update to Stroke Machine that arrived this week. It is mostly just bug fixes, but it is nice to see development continues on the app; which hasn't seen an update since April 2015! The notes hint at future updates as well.

What's new in Stroke Machine v2.0.4:

  • Equalizer bands now react better to touches. When no handle has been touched exactly, the nearest band is used for setting its frequency and gain. This implies that you must touch the bandwidth handles exactly to change them, as it was in all previous versions.
  • Fixed crash when double-tapping into an empty area of the oscillator or equalizer displays.
  • Fixed rarely occuring wrong Automation behaviour.
  • Fixed possible crash when removing steps.
  • Fixed possible crash when playing the melodic keyboard.
  • Fixed possible envelope misbehaviour.
  • Improved reception of non-timestamped MIDI Clock from some apps.
  • Fixed 24 bit sample playback in 64 bit version.
  • Fixed incorrect LFO rates.
  • Lots of little improvements and fixes.
  • AudioBus V2.2.2.
  • Note that this is the last version supporting iOS 6. All future versions are going to require a newer iOS version.

Buy Stroke Machine on iTunes: $19.99

The Pretender - Foo Fighters Cover

Uri Nieto, developer of the now defunct AirJam app and scientist at Pandora, did this awesome cover of Foo Fighters' The Pretender. Love the vocal dynamics he's getting off that water bottle.

Video Description:

We decided to do this cover for many reasons, but primarily to save the world.

Joe Calderone on Bass
Alek Darson on Guitars
Uri Nieto on Vocals
Hadrien Pierson on Drums

Thanks to the titanic sister Marina Nieto for her fantastic camera skills!

Tutorial: Beat Maker 2 - Chop x Slice Drum Breaks

Marv4MoBeats, from Maschine Masters, shows us his workflow for chopping samples in Beat Maker 2.

Video Description:

Beat making tutorial. Learn How to Chop x Slice Samples and Drum Breaks in Beat Maker 2 iPad. This week on Mobile Tip Tuesday, Marv4MoBeats goes in-depth with more workflow tips for the IOS Beat Maker 2 app by Intua. He explains how to load samples and add slices using autochop and manual chopping. He also breaks down how he made a beat using Sample Pack Saturday Vol. 209. This is a must see series to open up your mind to the possibilities of producing professional sound quality music on an iPad, iPod or any mobile device. For more mobile production tips, tricks and tutorials join us at

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Buy BeatMaker 2 on iTunes: $9.99