Review: Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade

Jakob Haq did a review and guide to the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade.

Video Description:

Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade is a chord machine that Iv'e grown very fond of. Not only do I love this thing for it's small size and big sound. I also appreciate how Teenage Engineering has implemented the chord function! Here's my review!

PO-28 Robot haQ attaQ REVIEW ►



Frum Demo

YouTuber Nakano Syun brings us the first video for new Universal iOS drum machine app Frum!

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theProxyServer - Rain Tears

YouTuber theProxyServer posted this beautiful example of TC-11 and a Roland Gaia running into an H9!

Video Description:

Ambient electronica using the Bit Shape TC-11 IPad synth app and a Roland Gaia through an Eventide H9 pedal.
Space is the place...

For more of my music... - instrumental - guitar/vocal - sonic pondering

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Elastic Drums Preview 1.9 - Sampler

Developer Oliver Greschke shared a preview of Elastic Drums' elaborate new sampler that will arrive in the next update!

Video Description:

Elastic Drums update 1.9 is near! It will have a new sampler instrument included, that is capable of producing "elastic" sounds, you are not able to do with a standard sampler. The sampler is able to pitch, play forth and back a sample, and you can also loop a certain period of the sample. For the iPad version there is also new "fader view", where you can edit your velocity and automation records in a more detailed way

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ngarjuna - I Dream of What's-her-name

Reader ngarjuna sent in this interesting modular jam; which features iSpark on drums. If you're interested in sound design on modular synthesizers he did a video showing off the 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator patch used in this piece.

Video Description:

Detailed walkthrough of the 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator patches from Modular Jam 60
Modular Jam 60 video:

I had several people ask me about how I was sequencing the SMR so I made a video to demonstrate. I didn't walk through the process of setting up custom scales on the SMR but the guide in the User Manual is very good and accurate.

Not mentioned in the video but pertinent is the use of an LFO (sine) to the Resonance CV input. While I was setting up the patch I found triggers to be too short and anticlimactic but throwing 50/50 duty cycle gates at the input, while giving me the length and oomph I wanted, was giving me those double hits (SMR senses rising and falling on the input); a smooth LFO to the resonance input really smoothed this out and used it as sort of a pseudo-envelope (shaping the dynamics).

To clarify the matter of 'steps': when I refer to 'step' values such as 0.0-0.25V step1, 0.26-0.50V step2, etc. I'm referring to the steps on the SMR dial. The steps of the sequence itself (in Sequencer 1) are set to the musically relevant pattern, so not in ascending order. I probably should have used the term 'positions' instead of 'steps' there.

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