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The first thing everyone says about this App is it lives up to the name! Addictive brings Additive Synthesis to the iPad in a very well thought out package. The ability to morph between patches brings so many layers to your sounds. The inclusion of a unique filter and a mind boggling assortment of modulation options insure that you will lose hours upon hours exploring sound in entirely new ways! See a full review here.

Disclosure: I received my copy for review from VirSyn.

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I haven't yet purchased Addictive. From the videos that I've seen / listened to OF it though - I am DAMN impressed with it's sound potential and quality! For it being a digital synth, it's 'warmth' is very, very impressive! It IS on my 'to buy' list, definitely. At the moment, I still have 15 to 20 previously purchased apps that I'm working on becoming more familiar with. Addictive will soon be added to that though. :)

June 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRicharius

Addictive update! :D

Coming back to watch Tim's demo / review video of Addictive Synth, I were convinced by it once again of all the power that would be available to me from it; headed off to the online Apple store to buy it and ...

instead of $9.99 for Version 1, I paid $5.99 (Introductory sale) for Version TWO! :o :D

Now - I was already blown away by the amount of power in Version 1, thanks to Tim's demoing it briefly through the video. Having just played through some example patches over the last 15 minutes or so and pressing all of the nice'n'new non-blinky buttons that have been included, here're the changes that I've seen / that I remember, in quickly browsing through it:

- ADSR envelope generator # FOUR, added, for mucking about with the ...
- NOISE that has been absutively wunnerfully added! :D
- did I see LFO #'s 5 and 6 added?
- all effects units have now been moved to their own dedicated area with all controls visible at once
- I'm pretty sure there're additions in the arpeggiator, which .... arpeggiators, since first playing with one on my Korg Poly 6 in 1985, haven't used one in any seriousnes ever since, as I'd rather compose mySELF rather than having something automated cycle away ... until I saw what Tim was doing with the Version 1 Addictive Synth's arpeggiator and THAT, was quite attractive! :D
BUT ... not only are there possibly more schtuffs in Version 2's arpeggiator, there's also a FOUR CHANNEL RECORDER now! Oh ho hoe! :o :D

Those are the tips of the iceberg man. The other little snippets that I saw and cain't rem'ber at the mo', had me droolin' so bad, the lubrication almost freed my jaw which had been nailed to the floor, at the sites within this app!

Tim? Do you have any rating ABOVE, Essential? :D Lol.

If you have at least some basic clues about programming sounds in synthesizers - BUY, ADDICTIVE SYNTH! Wholey fargin' schidt! :o

(For references: I taught myself additive synthesis on the 3 x Kawai K5 (or K5m)'s as well as K5000r that I've owned in the past, loving additive synthesis for years. And for years without ... until now.

I'm bloody blown away by this! :O

June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRicharius

Another, tho brief update:

As well as a carrying case / stand for my iPad3, I also picked up a capacitive pointer (pen shaped), MAINLY for adjusting the individual harmonics levels in Addictive Synth. For that, the pen works beautifully! Far better for adjusting the levels of each of the harmonics than with your finger. Much Additive patch crafting shall be occurring! :D

June 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRicharius

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