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This sexy acid factory is a 303 clone with a solid MIDI implementation under-the-hood for clock input. This inclusion brings a lot of utility. Instead of being confined to the drums found in the all-in-one techno studios, you can pick your own drum App to jam with. Want to take this to some crazy places? WIFI into Ableton or plug it into your hardware machine for any ensemble you can imagine. Besides looking good and playing nice, it also sounds good with some unique waveforms beyond the typical Square and Saw of most 303 clones, though most people agree it does not sound as good as technoBox2. It has two X/Y pads for Filter Cutoff/Resonance and Decay/Env Mod, providing a unique playing experience. Consider pairing this with Molten or MoDrum for your drums.

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Seems like it lacks much functionality compared to Molten. Of all the drum machine apps out there which is your favorite?

January 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChris

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