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DXi FM Synthesizer started off life as a faithful recreation of the Yamaha DX7, and was infinitely easier to program than the original hardware. After constant development and updates, DXi far exceeds slavish emulation, and has become a very modern instrument. First with the inclusion of a delay and a low-pass filter (uncommon in FM Synths). Now it even sports multiple waveforms instead of the typical sine-only FM synths or yore. If you've ever thought about getting a DX7, spend all of that money on a solid MIDI controller instead and then spend $2 on this. FM Synthesis is a complicated and chaotic subject though, so it is not for everyone.

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Just to nitpick a little but the DXi isn't really a reproduction of the DX7, faithful or otherwise. It's more of a cross between a DX9 and a DX11. The DX7 has 6 operators in 32 combinations, whereas the DX9 and the DXi have 4 operators in 8 combinations. The DX7 and DX9 used only sine waves, the DX11 had multiple waveforms (which was a major change).

Another huge difference is that the DX7 has complex and unique multistage envelope generators, consisting of 8 levels and 8 rates (not times, that's rates), whereas the DXi "merely" has DADSR envelopes.

So the combination of the extra operators, 4x as many algorithms, and very complex envelopes resulted in the DX7 being a unique synth that is incredibly powerful. Which is not to knock the DXi at all. In fact, I really like the DXi, and would have given pretty much anything to have been able to have it's totally intuitive graphical interface available for my DX7 back in the '80s.

And the fact that it's only $2 is a little mind blowing considering what I paid for the DX7 back when it was new.

So yeah, it's not exactly a DX7 reproduction, but it is an amazing synth in its own right.



September 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSeth Elgart

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