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I can see why people are so excited about this. In addition to providing a lot of great drum machine samples, it presents it all in a kitschy package that stays just shy of tacky. This has the all important CoreMIDI clock input to play nice with other apps, and is definitely worthy of praise from the pros for its utility in this regard. I really want to like this one and will occasionally launch it to give it another go, but I'm just not feeling it. I think Molten is the best App in this space.

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Meh? Really? I think the charm with Funkbox is that you get good beats out of it *immediately*. Programming it is a bit of a pain because the save process sucks so badly but that's not really its intended sweet spot (so far as I can tell). When I'm playing my not-on-an-ipad-organ with my kid and I just want a good beat immediately, I tap the Funkbox icon. Every time. Think of the little rhythm boxes that came with organs in years past: that's Funkbox (but with way better sounding beats).

It's pretty easy to get the sounds out of it. Make a pattern that triggers each sound every 2 or 4 steps. Copy the pattern to the clipboard and import into the slicing/editing app of your choice. You can also email the midi file from your custom Funkbox beat and do an "open in", targeting something like Nanostudio to continue working on it.

I love Funkbox. I'd love it more if it were easier to customize but it does what it says on the tin and does it really well. The fairly solid sync options means I'm almost always using it in conjunction with loopy or whatever when I just want to get something going. My only real complaint is it seems as though the samples are on the quiet side compared to other apps and I often have to turn other apps way down. Whatever though. It was cheap and it's awesome.

iOS is still sorely lacking a syncable drum machine with good editing, kit/sound import/export, pattern storage and pattern chaining/song mode. It will happen eventually but with all of the amazing synths out there, it's surprising to me no one has nailed this yet.

August 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterWill

I whole heatedly agree with "meh". In fact, I might even go so far as to say "bluchch" Of all the drum apps that Audioubus could have debuted with, it had to be this one? The only thing this app has going for it is Audioubus. It's glitchy as hell with genome. You can't arrange patterns into songs. It's a toy. To be fair, I don't much care for Molten either. It gets glitchy if you try to adjust the sounds at all, and the samples aren't sufficiantly high quality enough to be of any use to me. Molten even made my own imported samples sound bad, with hiss and pop that don't come from the wavs themselves. I sure hope Dm1 gets updated with full MIDI and Audiobus. DrumStudio is outstanding too, except for some missing features, like panning, of all things. It also needs MIDI and Audiobus, in my opinion. It's limitations are being adressed in the next couple of updates, according to the developer.

January 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterZenLizard

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