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Combining the styles of Breakbeat-controllerism with Glitch effects galore, GlitchBreaks a is powerful little app for quickly making some mean beats. You have 4 Sample Pads that can be loaded with loops; either from the factory library or anything you import via Audio Paste. Triggering them is simple and responsive. You could just use it for jamming out some lively rhythm, but the real magic happens when you bring in the Loop Modulation and Glitch effects. A Cut function adds the ability to retrigger your loops in new patterns.

The large X/Y Loop Mod controller allows you to move the playhead and dynamically change loop lengths. This allows for fluid changes to your sound. The Glitch effect offers 4 quadrants of varying playback, causing the playhead to flutter around and warp. No matter what you do though, the app will keep track of the playhead's position. As soon as you stop screwing around, the playhead will snap back to where it should be!

Disclosure: I received my copy for review from Alex Matheu.

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