Gnubesoft: Making a Fully Functional UI with PySimpleGUI
Video Description:
This is the second part of my Intermediate Python series. In this episode we fully develop the GUI we started in the first video.

Part 1:

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You are making interesting projects, thank you!

After first video, while code was still inside one file, everything works. But when you divide code between 3 files it stops working. I have exactly the same code. Did it twice. Problem is with "import Dripbox"

What is this, external package such as PySimpleGUI? Or your virtual environment? I see it is also name of your project folder but that shouldn't matter?

I tried to install it, there is some "dripbox" package but install doesn't finish.

If I skip "import Dripbox" then I have bunch of other errors, I had to copy "windows = ..." to other two files making redundant code, had to do few more things, to get rid of errors, and when I final got program running without crashes, it works only partially, without async any more. (background random numbers generating is not working any more)

Anyway, just a question, what is that "Dripbox" part that :-)

I will try to follow your code in one single file and I hope I can get it working. :)

Again, thanks for interesting learning projects!

Hi Al! Thanks. I didn't realize there was already a package on pip called, "Dripbox." Shit... Do not install that! We're making this "Dripbox" from scratch. That other Dripbox is something else altogether.

What Operating System and version of Python are you using? Breaking it up into multiple files shouldn't be a problem. Did you get the case right? Import Dripbox won't work if your package name is dripbox.

The structure of the whole project should be:

Container Directory (can be named anything)

Package Directory (this should be Capital D, Dripbox)

Make sure your venv (virtual environment) directory is in the Container Directory, and not the Package Directory. It should also not be one level below that Container directory.

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