Easy API Tool for Developers

You can get a lot done with APIs (Application Programming Interface). If you can program your own, you can make them do just about anything; including tedious tasks. For most tasks you'll want to use scheduled automation, but what about tasks that you only need to run occasionally?

api_hack.cmd makes those occasional tasks as simple as a button press.


A Button

api_hack.cmd does nothing, but with a custom API you can make it do anything!

Amazing Icon

Do Everything

Send instructions to any server anywhere in the world. I've used it as a trigger for manual archiving, and performing home automation actions.

Technical Details

I needed a simple button to trigger some APIs I have, and I wanted to learn Swift. This was a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. I tried very hard to design this in all of the right ways to learn what it was like the program for iOS. And I did! I even figured out how to do a Hackintosh install on my PC in order to use Xcode. I planned to do more mobile app development, but then Apple decided to be greedy shitbags and nearly defunded discchord. This made me pretty hesitant about spending any more time making apps for their platform.

Swift isn't too bad, I kind of liked it, but the iOS SDK is a little convoluted. The SDK's Objective C roots are showing in many spots. This would probably be a much more popular language if Apple weren't the ones in charge of it.