Coding Silly Shit Since 2002!

I started programming at a Summer school back in 1985, but I didn't get serious about it until college in the late 90's. In 2002 I first registered and used Gnubesoft as a catchall for my work writing bots for an online RPG. These would perform tasks for the player, but only in ways the game developer would approve of. This appears on my resume as, "Wrote programs that made video games accessible to handicapped children."

The name Gnubesoft, pronounced "new-be-soft", was originally an acknowledgment of myself as a newbie to programming. While I've grown in experience, I retain an enthusiastic and whimsical approach to experimental designs. I think the name still fits as I move into a new chapter and begin to teach new newbies!

This latest version of the site serves as a landing page for all of my tutorials and projects.


Learn to program in a fun way. No boring slide shows! I'm a visual learner, so I know how to teach others in an engaging way!

Silly Shit

This site serves as a landing page for all of my code projects, across all platforms.

Stylish Style Sheets

Did you see how this transitioned when you scrolled down? Wasn't that awesome? I put the style in Cascading Style Sheets.

Technical Details

As with all of my projects, this site started off small and ended up ballooning completely out of hand. I began to write a simple landing page immediately after the launch of api_hack.cmd, but then got distracted for a year on AppKaiju and other things. By the time I had reprioritized working on this site, I had much bigger ambitions.

Instead of a landing page this site became its own Content Management System (CMS), taking advantage of all that I learned from writing discchord and AppKaiju. Once again using Python, with Flask, I built a highly efficient CMS that has been specialized for my needs here. As with AppKaiju I wrote all of the JavaScript frontend for Gnubesoft; from scratch in my own idosyncratic style, without all of the bloat that comes with the generalized JS frameworks.